Interview Technique

Even if you don’t have an interview scheduled yet, but you are job searching, it’s a good idea to practice your interviewing techniques.

The more you practice the better prepared you will be when the actual interview comes around.

Taking the time to review possible interview questions, taking part in a mock interview and practicing on your own or with a friend, will all help to reduce interview stress and boost your confidence.

An interview helps an employer decide whether you are suitable for the job in question. It is also a good opportunity to decide if the job is right for you or not.

There are several different types of interview.

Telephone – Initial employer call that eliminates candidates based on essential criteria. Successful applicants are usually invited to the one-to-one stage.

Video – Whether through Skype, FaceTime or YouTube, this type of interview is increasingly popular for graduate roles in sales, media and marketing. They’re usually held during the initial screening process.

One-to-one – Face-to-face encounter with one interviewer, after the organisation decides that you’ve got what it’s looking for. They’re usually formal, but can also take place over lunch. You could also be interviewed by different people at different times.

Panel – Similar to one-to-one interviews, except two or more people – often from different parts of the organisation – will be assessing you at the same time.

Group – Multiple candidates are interviewed together. They’re asked questions in turn, or discuss certain topics.

Assessment centres – These involve tasks including presentations, written tests, and group, role-play and in-tray exercises. They’re used to assess a candidate’s performance in a range of situations, and last between one and three days. You’ll appear alongside several other candidates.

We at Fleming TCS will help you get that job by giving you interview techniques and mock interviews at all levels.

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